Article by Dr. Robert Schwartz – New Techniques Produce Beautiful Breasts

Natural Results in Breast Augmentation
By Robert Schwartz

New Techniques Produce Beautiful Breasts

New advances in breast augmentation are making the fake-looking breast a thing of the past. At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, we have found that to create the most natural-looking breasts, you have to carefully match the breast implants to the patient. And we’ve developed a three-step technique for doing just that:

Step One
The process starts with your very first appointment. During this visit, we record a detailed series of measurements of your chest and breasts. These measurements will define the types and sizes of implants that best match your physique. Implants that will produce
less than optimal results are eliminated from the start.

Step Two
Next, we review a wide variety of photographs of breast augmentation patients with you. Your opinions on these photos allow us to accurately understand your wishes and choose the best implants to meet your goals. Typical methods of choosing implant size by having the patient request a cup size are simply too vague and imprecise. Surgeon and patient rarely have exactly the same mental image of what a “C” or “D” cup is. Our photographic
review ensures that patient and surgeon are on the same page.

Step Three
The final step occurs in the operating room. Here test implants are used to confirm the absolute best size and type of implant to match your frame and achieve your aesthetic
goals. Once the optimal test implant is determined, it is replaced with an identical permanent implant. We leave the operating room confident that we have chosen implants that will give you the prettiest breasts possible.

All of the women pictured on this page are our actual patients. If, like them, you would like breasts that are not just bigger, but more beautiful, we would like to meet with you.


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Vanessa’s Breast Augmentation Story – January Contest Winner

Vanessa’s Story
by Vanessa
January Contest Winner

I was flat-chested until I got pregnant with my first child – I was 23. Growing up, my best friend and I seemed to have no breasts, while everyone else was blooming. At 14 I asked my mum if she would buy me a bra – at least a training bra – but she told me that I had nothing to put in it, and when I did she would buy me one. As a teenager I was always kidded about having no breasts.

During school break my best friend and I would wear her mums bra’s and fill them with socks or toilet paper and strut up and down the street – we’d get honked at by the blokes – it was a great feeling. Well four kids later, and still having not much breast (breast feeding worked a little bit, but when that stopped they just seemed to disappear), at 34 I decided it was time to get breast implants. I started searching on the Internet for websites and came across the Breastimplants411 site.

I browsed through the before and after pictures, the stories and did extensive research on different doctors. I also had a lot of encouragement from the people I work with – I work in the Medical Industry. In November of 2003 I found the doctor for me. I sent him an email and he sent me a lot of information back.

It took a lot of courage to make that first call. I would dial the number and hang up before it could ring – my stomach would get butterflies and I’d feel sick. That went on for about a week until one afternoon there was a message on my answer machine from the plastic surgeon’s office asking me to call them. I picked up the phone and dialed – it worked – I made that first call which changed my life forever.

I had my surgery on March 2nd 2004. I went from a 36 (I’m not sure what!) to a 36D and I also had a tummy tuck. I must say I am very happy with the outcome. I can now wear clothes that reveal my shape and not hide it – and my husband likes them too. One morning while I was getting ready for work, my four year-old daughter complimented me on my new breasts – “mummy”, she said, “they are very pretty and very big”. My sister even said to me “wow, they certainly don’t look “fake”. It’s amazing what compliments like that and new breasts do to your self-esteem.

If you are unsure about getting implants, read the Breastimplants411 website and take it from me, you will feel absolutely fantastic after you’ve had it done. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to see my before and after results on the website. My best friend in England is considering implants too, (she wants to see my before and after pictures) and after two kids and still small breasts, I have assured her that it will change her life forever. If she gets it done, I’ll have her email the 411 website and let you know.

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In Focus: The latest information on Cosmetic Surgery from Long Island Breast Surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg: Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. Last year, about 250,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States, and that number is rapidly increasing. Of all the cosmetic procedures, patients with breast augmentation have one of the highest satisfaction rates. Every woman has her own desires. Some have lost breast tissue and size after pregnancy or breast feeding, and just want back the volume they once had. Others have always felt uncomfortable with their size and shape.

These individual differences make each procedure unique, yet almost all women want a balanced and natural appearance. Many new types of breast implants allow Dr. Greenberg to individualize the results and procedure for each body type. In addition, Dr. Greenberg performs breast augmentation with minimal or no visible scars.

Saggy or droopy breasts can be lifted either with an implant or by simply raising the breast without enlargement. Uneven or poorly shaped breasts can also be corrected with some of the advanced breastlifting techniques.

Most breast augmentation procedures are performed using saline (salt-water) filled implants which pose no health risks. Dr. Greenberg strives for the most natural results possible and individualizes each procedure to your needs, desires, and body type. The natural breast augmentation result is less than an hour away!

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Featured Profile: Dr. Stephen Greenberg!

Serving clients in Long Island, Manhattan, and Nassau County, New York breast surgeon, Dr. Stephen Greenberg, is nationally recognized for his excellence in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants and Breast Enhancement surgery!

Long Island Breast Surgeon Dr. Greenberg is a nationally recognized board certified plastic surgeon in private practice. His state-of-the-art office and ambulatory cosmetic surgery and laser facilities are located in both Long Island, NY and Manhattan. He is the director of New York’s Premier Centers for Plastic Surgery and specializes in the most up-to-date cosmetic surgical procedures.

Manhattan Breast Surgeon Dr. Greenberg is a specialist in breast augmentation and breast enhancement surgery and performs many breast enlargement procedures each week! He takes great pride in obtaining the most natural results possible. Dr. Greenberg’s teams of caring professionals are devoted to making your entire breast augmentation procedure a pleasant and pampered experience.

Nassau County Breast Surgeon Dr. Greenberg and his staff are dedicated professionals who are committed to the highest standards of excellence, and achieving THE BEST COSMETIC RESULTS. He truly is a perfectionist. Dr. Greenberg is a respected expert in cosmetic surgery and lectures extensively on the great strides being made in the plastic surgery world.

Dr. Greenberg offers the most up to date advanced techniques in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in his modern surgical facility. He has recently been featured on both CBS and NBC News, as well as in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Health Magazine and other print media. Dr. Greenberg lectures extensively on advanced cosmetic surgical procedures and has been named in “Who’s Who” in American Physicans and Surgeons.

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Teri is the December Share Your Story Winner on!

Teri’s Story
by Teri
December Contest Winner

I got my breast implants after making the decision to get them at the age of 18, which was half my life at the time of surgery (I was 36 when the surgery was performed). I had many friends tell me the ‘dangers’ of surgery without doing any research or having any facts other that what was reported on the TV or hyped up at the time of the big “breast implant scare.”

I remember feeling rather let down during this time as I wanted to have this operation and then when the FDA came out and said they were not safe, I felt cheated. However, I began to think of all the other types of implants that are inserted into people for various cosmetic and reconstructive reasons and wanted to know what material those devices were made of as I thought, “why can’t they use that material for breast implants?”

So, I would spend hours researching articles on the internet–yes, I was a little obsessed–and read articles pro and con for implants only to fuel my frustration over my decision and the lack of being able to execute this decision. Over several years, I began to see more and more studies and reports from government agencies and testimonials from breast implant recipients only to find that maybe the initial reports were not as ‘doom and gloom’ as initially reported.

I stumbled upon the BreastImplants411 website and felt as though I finally found a forum in which I was able to get reliable information, hear stories from other people having the same procedure and really, as silly as it sounds, found a support system for my decision. I did not feel silly, vain or stupid about my desire to have implants…I felt like I was surrounded by many people truly interested in making information reliable and offered a terrific resource for finding a good surgeon.

I was very enthusiastic after finding this website and happened upon a surgeon I located at the BreastImplants411 website and had my consultation. First, let me say that my personal life changed drastically during this time. I had moved to another state as a result of a separation/divorce from my husband of 16 years, quit my job to make the move and basically was starting completely over at the age of 36.

Now I think many people think cosmetic surgery is done for a spouse, partner or to get attention from the opposite sex. I am here to tell you that my decision to have my breast augmentation surgery was not for anyone other than myself. At the time, I was not interested in dating, let alone getting stares at my chest from men (I was a little jaded about men and relationships at the time). However, I wanted to do something for me and only me…and breast augmentation surgery was what I did. Now I will not profess that my new breasts are changing my life and have resolved all my self esteem and confidence issues–however, I feel very liberated that I wanted this surgery for myself–and truly myself–and did it during a time when I needed to prove to myself my own independence. I was also extremely fortunate as I got the world’s best plastic surgeon in James Hoffman in Woodbury, MN (I could write a story on him alone but will spare you at this time).

I do not feel as though I am any different of a person now that I have larger breasts. I feel like I am the same person I always was but making the decision after many years of research of nay-sayers, feel liberated in being a woman and gained an appreciation for the independence I have always had within me.

My advice to anyone looking at getting breast implants is first to do your research as to the types of implants, surgical procedures, doctors (find a doctor you absolutely trust is very important) all while realizing you are going to be the same person…with a little boost in how you feel (kind of like the feeling you get from losing weight) and do it for YOURSELF and only YOURSELF!

This is your body and the choices you make to alter your body are solely your own.

Read Teri’s story here on your source for Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Enhancement, Enlargement & Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Information!

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Featured Profile: Dr. Robert Schwartz!

Dr. Schwartz, Dallas, Plano, and Richardson TX, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, utilizes the latest surgical techniques in his practice of Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, and Breast Enhancement surgery!

At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery in Dallas Texas, we strive to create the absolute prettiest breasts possible for each of our patients.“Beautiful breasts look natural and are in harmony with your body.Beautiful breasts enhance your overall beauty.” Shapely, proportionate breasts are our goal whether the procedure is breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or breast implant revision.

Creating the ideal breasts for you demands meticulous attention to detail at each step. We start with an in-depth consultation in our Dallas office. The breast augmentation consultation is never rushed and is always performed by Dallas Texas Breast Surgeon Dr. Schwartz. We stress open and extensive communication. “In order to help you achieve your cosmetic surgery goals, we must first fully understand the results you would like to achieve,” says Dr. Schwartz. “We learn what you want the best way possible. We listen to you. Your input helps us create the right breast surgery plan for you.”

Your breast augmentation consultation also includes a thorough examination including careful measurements of your breasts and chest. This is a critical first step in choosing the best implants for you. The final decision will be based on your anatomy and goals as well as detailed intraoperative testing. We go to great lengths to make sure that, together, we choose the optimum implants for you.

The consultation concludes with a thorough discussion of your surgery. We will review all the relevant breast augmentation options which may include:
Breast implant size – Choosing the right size breast implant for the look you desire is the single most important aesthetic factor in achieving your beautiful breast augmentation results.

  • Breast implant type – Saline vs. silicone
  • Breast implant surface – Smooth vs. textured
  • Breast implant profile – Low vs. medium vs. high. It is essential to match the profile to your breast characteristics in order to achieve the best possible perkiness, fullness and cleavage for you.
  • Breast implant placement – Above or beneath the pectoralis muscle. We perform both but most women will achieve prettier, longer-lasting results if the implants are placed below the muscle.
  • Incision position – Inframammary (in the fold beneath the breast) vs. areolar (around the nipple) vs. axillary (through an incision in the hollow of the underarm)

Together we will choose the best breast augmentation options for you. At the conclusion of the consultation, you will have a surgical plan customized to your unique needs.

Dallas Texas Breast Surgeon Dr. Schwartz is a perfectionist in the operating room and will spare no effort to deliver the finest breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, or breast implant revision results for you. We use the most advanced techniques that are more precise and gentler on your body. This minimizes post-operative pain and speeds your recovery. Most patients do not even bruise after surgery and our re-operation rate is far below national averages. Your cosmetic breast surgery will be performed in our JCAHO-certified surgery center in Dallas, Texas.

After surgery, our primary goals are your safety and comfort. We will monitor your progress closely to help you achieve a quick and smooth recovery minimizing post-operative discomfort. To ensure your wellbeing, we will see you frequently for follow-up in our Dallas office .Our state-of-the-art paging system allows you to contact Dr. Schwartz directly should questions arise after office hours.

In recent years, Dallas has become a national center for cosmetic surgery. At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, we have helped hundreds of women achieve the attractive breasts they have dreamed of. We have operated on women from all over Texas as well as Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, and Oklahoma. We would love to help you have the prettier, shapelier breasts you desire as well. To schedule a consultation or just ask questions of our friendly and caring staff, please call us toll free at 888-800-8300. Dallas residents can call 972-498-4385. We look forward to meeting you!

Visit Dr. Schwartz’ now!

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    Edited by Carly Zander
    Staff Writer,

    LOS ANGELES, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It all started when David Dean’s mother fell victim to the hands of two unqualified plastic surgeons, including a doctor who misplaced an implant after his mom’s partial mastectomy that resulted from a bout with cancer. With a spark to make doctors more accountable and help patients Dean spawned The website is designed to educate and inform patients and provide information on qualified plastic surgeons. sets the bar high for plastic surgeons because they want patients to feel confident in the doctor they choose. In order for a plastic surgeon to even be considered, let alone accepted on, they must represent in writing that they are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or the equivalent premier Canadian plastic surgery certification boards; that they are actively licensed in all states within which they practice, and that neither their certification nor licensure is under investigation or suspension.

    “When a person has plastic surgery, it’s going to be with them for the rest of their life, so we encourage them to choose wisely and choose slowly. This isn’t like finding a new hair stylist. Even though plastic surgery is ‘I want surgery’ instead of ‘I need surgery,’ it still has risks like any other medical procedure,” says David Dean, Founder & CEO of

    Breastimplants411 gives ladies confidence about their decision by providing a single web destination with thousands of before & after photos, inspiring breast augmentation success stories, a forum where women find support and advice from other breast augmentation patients, and doctor profiles that enable women to choose the right plastic surgeon. There are also plastic surgery financing options available.

    For more information visit or call (310) 642-9596.

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